In With The Old Out With The New

‘In With The Old Out With The New (Who Needs New Tricks) is a bit like “Out with the bad air, in with the good”. Courtesy of the late, great Peter Sellers, playing the role of Inspector Clouseau. Good times indeed.

Anyway, good morning one and all (probably just one). Welcome to yet another rheumatoid ramble on this crospy November morning. That’s a mixture of frosty and crispy.

Adapt or Die

Adapt or die. Not sure if that’s a quote or not but it’s ringing true today. I’ve already had a busy morning with the dog walk at 5.30 am followed by a quick grocery shop. Then, back just in time to take one of the offspring to the bus station.

Just another day. Yes, you might think so but one has to learn to adapt when the need arises. How so. I hear you mutter? Well, for the last few mornings I have had ridiculously cold feet while sat at my desk.

It’s right by a pair of patio doors and about twenty-two feet away from the nearest radiator and guess what? Wearing two pairs of socks just doesn’t cut it, so I have kept my trainers on.

In With The Old Out With The New

In With The Mould

See what I did there?
Next, all too late I found that my granary bread had decided to culture some mucor, this was noticed after I’d already had a bite, blurgh. Instead, I had to have normal, thick, white bread. Now, normally this would send me to sleep, no matter what time of day. Today, however, I am having a rare mug of black coffee, with two and a half teaspoons of Kenco’s finest. No sleeping on the job today.

In With The Old Out With The New

Finally, it’s about time. Over the last few months there has a been a resurgence in the music industry, at least in the more popular area.
I’m talking about certain artists, solo and groups, getting their second wind, so to speak. Some, maybe their forth or fifth, if you think of the Rolling Stones who had a hit earlier this year.

More recently we have had the likes of Duran Duran and Tears For Fears enjoying some chart time, bringing back shoulder pads and big hair.

Definitely In With The Old

That said, there are two purveyors of pop that have shown more than just resilience by not just churning out a greatest hit album, instead, showing that the shine of true talent never dulls.
Diana Ross, who is (she won’t mind me saying) 77 years young and of course, the original Eurovision ambassadors of ambience, ABBA.
They’ve just had a number one album, Voyage, which is très cool, especially when you consider thay were all born between 1945 and 1950.

Out With The New

I’m kidding, I don’t really want to get rid of the new stuff, there’s plenty out there to be both proud and in awe of, not just in the musical arena either.
It’s just that somethings are timeless because of their purity and genius.

I think that’s me done for today, it’s now late afternoon and I’ve lost my flow Jo, so it’s time to go.
Before I do though, would you mind checking out yesterday’s post HERE, it keeps the SEO algorithmics happy.
Thank you so much, you’re most obliging.

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