I’m Confused, Or, Now I understand?

I have my youngest to thank for “I’m Confused, Or, Now I Understand”. I say youngest, he’s eighteen. As we know, it’s no longer a tender age.

I remember seeing the world through my own, wise, eighteen year old eyes. Now, the truth is, as I look now, it’s really no age at all.

I’m Confused

Rarely does a day go by without the phrase ‘I’m so confused’ wafting into my ear canal and bouncing off my tympanic membrane. I’m sure you are familiar. It’s part of a ritualistic denial syndrome. A way of both deflecting and projecting all tied into not taking responsibility.

Now I Understand

This morning I was, once again, subjected to the phrase. Rather than smile to myself and gloss over the fact that my hackles had bristled, I had a retort.
Basically, I mentioned something about a fitting epitaph.

That’s just my sense of humour, it’s not for everyone. They, all four of them, are used to it. They take it well, on the whole.

Anyway, the comeback was even better. Rather than him being confused, he thought that “Ah, now I understand” would be a more fitting inscription. Liking the style.

I'm Confused, Or, Now I understand? Confused.

Simple things and all that. I’m Still not managing to get into the flow of writing but I am sure it will return the more I do it.
Actually, that does lead onto yet another quote that I picked up the other day. I have added my own slant on it though.

“Success is the ability to persist long after it’s boring”

Sometimes you have to grind it out. You’ll know when things are starting to click. At the moment it all feels stilted and, dare I say it, dull, repetitive and monotonous. Talk about being over self critical.

Two things to do before bed, finish watching a program about Concorde and why it was taken out of service, the ‘real’ reason. I also have to pay an invoice. The former probably isn’t going to happen as it really is getting late.

I am excited about them both. Maybe not so much about the payment but it does mean I am entering a new chapter, career wise. Even that sounds dreary.

Missed That One

The truth is that I am excited, almost ecstatic. I missed my chance to join back in August and thought that particular ship had sailed off into the horizon, forever. Then, last week and out of the blue, I had an email offering a position.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth twice, I have grabbed it with both hands. That’s a story for another day. I might even do a kind of running commentary under a seperate category. Food for thought.

Well, it’s late and tomorrow will be another long day. Time to sign off. Feel free to check out my previous post ‘In With The OId Out With The New’ HERE.
Take it easy.

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