Who’s Pat? (Who’s Jon for that matter?)


Fantastic, I finally managed to put fingers on keys. Without going into detail and boring the pants off you, this is no mean feat, it really isn’t, or is. Who’s Jon? Let’s find out.

First of all, my name’s Jon, not Pat. Why? Well, because I came across the domain and thought it was a cool name for a blog. There’s nothing to say I have to have the same name, is there?

Who's Jon? This is Jon

That said, I’m not actually sure if I looked for ‘Jons blog’. Anyway, I like it and that’s what counts.

Furthermore, If I’m being honest (which normally indicates a lie is about to spew forth), I must have a thing about names. I enjoy writing under a pseudonym or ‘nom de plume’ if you prefer. In truth (another lie coming?) this is the first time I have written under my real name.

Who’s Jon?

Who’s Jon? Or should I say, who’s Pat? Well, I’m a fifty-four-year-old househusband and a father of four who’s found a penchant for writing. This began at the start of 2019 and although the flame has diminished over the last six months, the underlying hunger is still there.


Writing is like most anything, the more you do it, for the most part, the more accomplished you become. For the record, throughout 2019 and 2020 I was prolific, no two ways about it.
It seems I had an ability to write meaningful nonsense, quite the skill, I’ll have you know.

Furthermore, I was hammering out post after post, pretty much on a daily basis and loving it. However, it soon became more of an obsession. I found that if I didn’t write something on a given day, a dark cloud would descend and I would turn into a major grump.

Inner Reflection

After a spell of inner reflection, I realised that I had to stop. That was at the beginning of this year and it’s taken me until now to find the desire to put pen to paper once more.

In addition, there was the question of another year’s subscription that was imminently due and I just couldn’t justify it, sad but true,

Evidently, I haven’t lost the knack of writing nonsense, which is nice. Time to wrap things up as I can see heads starting to nod. As always, the pleasure is mine.

Really, who’s Jon?

In addition, as a footnote, moreover a PS or an NB, neither of which I know how to use correctly, this post (page) is a kind of an ‘About Me’ even though I haven’t really said that much about me.
Fear not, this is just ‘your starter for ten’, there’ll be more, I promise (cheques in the post etc.)

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